Design and Recommendations for Decentralized Solar District Heating Systems in France (2013)

During the 13th Conference of the International Building Performance Stimulation Association, held in Chambéry in August 2013, a case study on the design for decentralized solar district systems in France was presented by Philippe Papillon and Cédric Paulus of CEA LITENS INES.

The purpose of this case study was to identify, through simulation,  which solar heating solution was the most appropriate to achieve energy savings for space heating and domestic hot water preparation.  The document provides a description of the system used,  explains how the simulation was conducted and finally gives recommendations.

The simulation shows that the most important factor is the influence of the return temperature of the network on solar thermal efficiency and that a low temperature is key to increase the system’s performances.

Date: 2013

Author: Philippe Papillon and Cédric Paulus of CEA LITENS INES

Pages: 8

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