DESERTEC: Clean Power from Deserts. The Global Challenge of Energy, Water and Climate Security (2008)

This presentation was done by Dr. Gerhard Knies, DESERTEC Project Promotor for The Club of Rome and co-ordinator of TREC, during the Euromed Solar Workshop on EU-MENA Cooperation on Solar Power, held in Jordan.

According to Dr. Knies, in the context of a booming population and increased need for power while fighting climate change, the solutions can be found in untapped clean energy sources, such as solar power. Because of the challenges posed by the MENA and Mediterranean regions, two case studies have been chosen: the Nile Delta in Egypt and the Gaza strip. These case-studies present the solutions offered by solar power for clean energy, water desalination and job creation, also taking into account the existing capital and resources.

In addition, the presentation offers an outline of the conditions needed for solar thermal growth in the region, and the brief description of DESRTEC’s initiative concerning the development of concentrated solar power investments.

Author: Dr. Gerhard Knies

Date: 2008

Slides: 16

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