Current Status of Solar Thermal Power in California (2010)

This presentation from San Diego State University reviews the status of solar thermal energy in California. Parabolic troughs, linear Fresnel, central tower receivers, and parabolic dishes are all discussed as the present solar thermal methods in California. The Rankine, Stirling, and Brayton Cycles are visually represented and discussed in the presentation as well.

Furthermore, it discusses the current state of California’s renewable energy capacity and its past and present solar thermal projects. The presentation is rounded out with California’s renewable energy regulations and the technical and environmental challenges that solar thermal energy faces moving forward.  Future California projects like Brightsource, Solar Millennium, and Abengoa are discussed and insight into the future of solar thermal energy is also included to end the presentation.

Authors:  San Diego State University

Date of Publication: 2010

Slides: 25

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