Copper, the Professional Choice… Solar Thermal Energy Systems (2010)

A solar thermal installation is constituted by the joining of components that are in charge of capturing solar rays, transforming ceding solar energy into a fluid stream of work, and ultimately to store energy to be used at point of consumption. 

The presence of copper throughout the system ensures maximum energy savings and optimal functioning.  This document goes over many advantages to using copper in the installation of solar thermal appliances, such as the following; Whatever the type of collector, to get the most out of it, it should yield quickly to receive heat from the sun: copper due to its high conductivity, is the ideal material for this application. 

Copper resistance to atmospheric corrosion is clearly demonstrated by its use as roofing material, copper for centuries even supports very diverse climatic conditions. The tubes must be in full contact with the plate on a solar panel: nothing beats the ease of the joints of copper systems.

Author: UK Copper Board

Date: 2010

Pages: 19

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