Concentrating Solar Power: Global Outlook 09

This 2009 report looks into the global outlook of concentrating solar power (CSP). The report first looks into the different CSP technologies and makes a comparison based on the advantages and disadvantages. The report also provides an overview of the CSP development by region. For certain countries per region a more detailed assessment is provided. In particular, the potential of the Mediterranean and the MENA region is being assessed.

The report examines the future outlook of CSP for which three scenarios are being used: (1) the reference or most conservative scenario, (2) the moderate scenario and (3) the advanced scenario. The study concludes that under an advanced industry development scenario, with high levels of energy efficiency, CSP could meet up to 7% of the world’s power needs in 2030 and a full quarter by 2050.

The recommendations with which the report concludes relate to (1) mandatory, binding renewable energy targets, (2) market creation measures, (3) policy measures and (4) technology measures.

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