Concentrated Solar Power as Part of European Energy Supply (2006)

This document from 2006 has been prepared by the Technical University of Delft - the Netherlands. The paper states that CSP is a way to ensure a more sustainable energy supply in the EU while contributing to the Kyoto targets.

It concludes that despite the proven technology of CSP, it fails to be high on the agenda of politicians, investors, energy companies and consumers. The document indicates that this is due to economical and institutional obstacles as well as the competition with fossil fuels. The study also looks into the business case of CSP taking into account the benefits and the disadvantages of CSP.

In order to push forward CSP in a liberalised energy market, the report suggests to use tender procedures in which companies or consortia can participate. The EU or Member States would anyhow have to take up part of the investment costs.

Read document here (only available in Dutch)

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