Clean Energy Action Plan Towards 50/50 by 2020 in the Bega Valley Shire (2007)

Clean Energy for Eternity, Inc. provides this thirty-seven page document to promote and stimulate relevant bodies to take appropriate action to reduce energy use and develop local clean energy generation projects.  The use of solar energy is a large portion of what the Clean Energy working group suggests as these “appropriate actions”.

One recommendation is to use solar photovoltaic micro-wind, water tanks and solar hot water to replace outdated electric systems in order to promote economies of scale in bulk-buying renewable energy systems.  Also the Group predicts that gas savings can be achieved by the use of solar HWS and retrofitting ones home can reduce energy bills and increase resale value of a home by switching to solar hot water heaters.  The document also highlights “Solar Schools” which have a project to put solar panels  in the school for students to use, observe and study.  Another company being highlighted are the “GreenPlumbers” whom have a program to train tradesmen in installing solar hot water. 

It is not a surprise that the document boasts about solar as much as it does because as it says “it is predicted that in time solar power will be cheaper than coal power.”  That is not only good news for people’s pockets but also for the environment.

Author : Clean Energy for Eternity, Inc.

Date of publication : 2007

Pages: 36

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