China's Solar Thermal Industry: Threat or Opportunity for European Companies? (2003)

This is an article wrote by Li Hua from the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. Li Hua speaks about the Chinese solar thermal market and how it has experienced a fantastic growth without any government subsidies.

The paper provides an overview of the main technologies produced in China: flat-plate, vacuum tube and combined storage tank. It also covers information like government incentive programmes, standards, marketing and awareness raising activities. Li Hua points out issues such as the product quality and the fragmented nature of the industry as the main barriers to a much larger market penetration of these products.

Similar to what happens with other products (shoes, toys, etc), China is also looking at the European market to sell their solar thermal technologies. While in China there is little public awareness to the benefits of using renewables, in Europe, especially in Germany, the civil society is very much in favour of solar energy, which represents a good investment opportunity for Chinese companies.

Author: Li Hua

Date: 2003

Pages: 10

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