Can Political Support Schemes and Technology Improvements Trigger the Market (Again)? (2012)

This presentation - by BSW Solar's Jan Knaack - gives a broad overview of the German solar thermal market in 2012, which is then used to evaluate how the country can capitalise on its previous experience to trigger the next step in market development. This involves an outline of the market shares of different established applications and an indication of where promising market developments might occur (for example process heat and solar thermal cooling).

The presentation also outlines existing governmental support schemes, such as the MAP programme for refurbishments in the building stock and the Renewable Energy Heat obiligation (running since 2009).  At present this only applies to new buildings, but could be extended to the existing building stock. Equally, the German authorities could improve the tax deductability of renewable heat investments and/or introduce a tax on fossil heating fuels.

The presentation outlines four further strategies for developing the full potential of solar thermal energy in Germany

  1. Increase the number of solar thermal systems
  2. Increase the share of solar thermal energy per building
  3. Introduce in new market segments
  4. Continue to Develop new solar thermal applications (cooling, district and process heatin etc.).

This is supported by a number of case studies that show what direction mass-market development could take in the near future.

Date: 2012

Author: DSW-Solar

Pages: 40

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