California Solar Initiative – Thermal, Program Handbook (2010)

This is the Handbook for the Thermal Program of the California Solar Initiative. The Handbook covers the background and purpose of the program, what consumers and organizations can participate, and what kind of equipment and technology falls under the purview of the program. More information on incentives for solar thermal can be found on the website here. The solar thermal initiative was originally run as a $2.59 pilot program focused on solar how water installations, and after 2 years of success the program was expanded to $250 million worth of incentives. Many different members of the solar thermal community are available for participation in the program, including equipment sellers, installers, contractors, system owners, and utility customers. The amount of incentive available to participants is dependent on what kind of system they utilize and the amount of energy it supplies.

Author: California Public Utilities Commission

Date: 2010

Pages: 37

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