Business Prospects for Solar Water Heating Fee-for-Service Operations in Brazil (2006)

This document was created by Vitae Civilis, a Brazilian non-profit dedicated to promoting sustainable development. It is a summary of a study of the business potential of solar thermal water heating in Brazil which was conducted by Lumina Energia, a Latin American energy consultancy. Solar water heating is a sustainable investment because it contributes to both climate protection through CO2 displacement and the creation of local jobs. However, many South American, Caribbean, and other developing nations do not have the local infrastructure or markets necessary to support solar water heating deployment. The study proposes a few innovative business models to help support the development of solar thermal water heating, and then proceeds to analyze them. The various mechanisms include fee-for service operations, carbon finance, renewable energy certificate trading, and performance contracting.

Author: Vitae Civilis & Lumina Energia

Date of Publication: March 2006

Pages: 48

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