Brewing Beer with Solar Heat (2010)

This report gives case studies of two Germany beer breweries - the Hofmühl brewery in Eichstätt and the Hüth Brewiry in Kassel-Baunatal - that have integrated solar thermal energy into their production process. Although there is high potential for solar process heat to be used in industrial applications, the necessary technology remains relatively expensive when operating temperatures exceed 100°C, meaning that its penetration remains low. The German Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety has subsidised both pilot projects in order to prove the technical feasibility of integrating solar thermal energy into the brewery sector.

The report details the reasons that breweries have good conditions for solar thermal integration:

  • Most heat is required in summer when the most solar energy is available
  • Most process stages are conducted at a relatively low temperature level
  • Heat requirement is distributed consistently throughout the day and week

It also gives detailed descriptions of the systems in both pilot breweries. Looking to the future, it concludes that more efficient process heat collectors still must be developed if further expansion will be achieved. Across industrial sectors, widespread use remains hindered by a lack of R&D pilot systems such as these, which are needed to create precedents to reduce the considerable planning effort that is required.

Author: BINE Informationsdienst

Date: 2010

Pages: 4

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