Arizona Solar Energy and Economics Outlook (2009)

This report was arranged by William P. Patton, Ph. D., Economic and Business Research Center, University of Arizona. The document discusses the need for the United States to make the switch from fossil fuels to solar energy as a more reliable and environmentally sound energy source.A study was conducted in Arizona in order to discover the potential for solar electric generation in Arizona and also to figure out the economic and environmental impacts on the increased use of solar power.

The report found that there was a huge potential for solar power development in Arizona due to its vast land availability, intense solar radiation resources and the State’s goal of accelerating renewable energy development through incentives and ACC mandated Renewable Energy Standards.The construction of solar energy plants will allow for an increase in employment and wages for the residents of Arizona, but unfortunately this will not result in permanent positions.

Solar Thermal Energy acts as a sustainable energy source. The amount of water needed is insignificant. There is a sufficient amount of land in Arizona needed to meet the requirement for solar energy. Solar power production yields virtually no greenhouse gases.  The study concluded that the development of solar energy resources will support the growth of Arizona’s population and economy on a more sustainable basis. 

Author: George Frisvold, William P. , Patton, and Stan Reynolds

Date: 2009

Page: 81

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