Architectural Implications in the Building Integration of Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal systems – Introduction of a taxonomy and evaluation methodology (2014)

This paper was presented at the World Sustainable Building 2014 Conference held in Barcelona and organized by Green Building Council España. The three authors of the document come from the University of Cyprus.

The document presents different options to integrate photovoltaic and solar thermal systems in new constructions and in the renovation of existing buildings to provide electricity, domestic hot water and heating and cooling of buildings. Architectural implications are taken into consideration with the final objective of maximizing the solar gains potential of photovoltaic and solar thermal systems.

The paper is based on the review of existing literature on the topic, the taxonomy of current and proposed applications and the analysis of case studies of existing applications in order to identify best practices.

Author: Vassiliades, C.; Savvides, A.; Michael, A.

Date: 2014

Pages: 7

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