Analysis of Austrian SDH Plants Constructed in the Framework of a National Funding Programme (2014)

This presentation was given by F. Mauthner of AEE INTEC at the 2nd international Solar District Heating Conference in Hamburg on 3 – 4 June 2014.  It outlines the evolution of District Heating in Austria since the 1950’s with an emphasis on solar district heating (SDH).  In 2013, there were 25 SDH plants of over 500 m², representing 35.000 m² of collector area.  The presentation also provides information on national funding programmes, which cover 50% of the additional costs a solar thermal application require.  Up until now, approximately 90 Mio Euro funding has been provided. Two examples of funded projects are explained in details.  The first one is a solar assisted biomass heating network and the second is a low temperature SDH grid.

Author: Franz Mauthner

Date: June 2014

Pages: 20

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