Albania National Strategy of Energy and Plan of Action (2005)

This document from the Albanese National Ministry of Industry and Energy and the National Agency of Energy provides an overview of Albania’s energy situation, together with an analysis of the necessary investments, actions and improvements to increase the security of the energy supply and the optimization of the energy resources with a view to achieve a sustainable economic development in the future.

The strategy for the development of the energy sector contained in this document approaches several aspects: technical, finance, economic, legal, organisational, institutional, environmental and the continuous training of the specialists in order to prepare a proper framework for an easy and not constrained integration of the Albanian energy system into the regional and European system.

The report refers solar thermal energy for hot water supply both in households and in the service sector as a very valuable option for the country, following the successful examples of neighboring countries like Turkey and Greece. Tables with the investment needed are provided, together with a list of actions necessary to increase the penetration of solar thermal technologies in the country.

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