AEE INTEC: Applications for Solar Thermal Systems (2005)

This fact sheet was published by the British Columbia Agriculture Council (BCAC). It provides information on the how agricultural producers can evaluate their operations to determine if solar thermal systems would be a productivity enhancing and money saving addition.

The fact sheet suggests solar thermal hot water, solar chilled water and solar thermal heated air as potentially suitable installations for agricultural and agri-food businesses.  For such enterprises that are interested in solar thermal, they must evaluate certain elements of their existing operations as well as potential solar thermal systems such as: current and potential fuel costs, required heat load temperatures, and solar availability at their facility.

After collecting this data, the fact sheet provides a step-by-step self-assessment guide that business owners can use to see which form of solar thermal would work best on their farm.

Author: British Columbia Agriculture Council

Date: 2013

Pages: 7

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