Advancing Solar Water Heating in Southern Africa - The Example of Soltrain (2011)

This report evaluates the progress of the SOLTRAIN project in Southern Africa in the period 2009-2011. The project’s initiation was covered by back in 2009, and is available here.

After summarising the focus of the project on expediting the transition from fossil fuels through building capacities in solar thermal applications, the report confirms that its progress has remained on schedule throughout its first two years of operation. Most successful to date have been the workshops and training courses for specialists and non-professionals. Regarding the former, two ‘Train the Trainer’ workshops were held to educate specialists on the latest developments in the field. The first was attended by 170 trainees.

The project has also involved the monitoring of existing solar thermal heating systems to determine common weaknesses and limitations. The report states that the greatest hurdle has been to secure the required minimum of 50% local co-funding for social institutions like orphanages, old-age homes and other similar social institutions. It recommends the establishment of 5-7 university-linked and research-orientated solar thermal test facilities to further build on the project’s achievements.


Date: 2011

Pages: 4

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