2009 Updates and Trends – IREC

This report was from the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) Annual Meeting in October, 2009. The report is broken down to cover state incentives & policy trends, solar installation trends, net metering & interconnection updates & trends, and workforce development and training. For current policies that are mentioned to withstand solar growth, they mention the Energy Improvement and Reinvestment Act (part of the federal “bailout bill” in 2008) and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (part of the “stimulus bill” in 2009). With these bills, investment tax credits (ITC) are stabilized through the end of 2016. It includes a graph that mentions different state programs that directly influence solar incentives directly, along with a separate graph for policy updates. The second part of the installation chapter covers the trends for solar thermal heating, broken out by year, state and capacity. The report ends with net metering information and plans for codes and regulation for the coming years for solar technology.

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