• Hawaii's Solar Obligation: Frontrunner in the USA

    Solar is everywhere in Hawaii: This is the Helemano Army Family Housing project of the U.S. army near the city of Wahiawa. It possesses more than 400 solar water heaters. Photo: Sunearth

  • 50 % Growth and Other Achievements in the USA

    The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) estimates in its latest publication, “U.S. Solar Industry Year in Review 2008”, that the solar thermal market in the United States has grown by 50 % last year, to almost 229,000 m2 (160 MWth). The state with the biggest share of...
  • Ontario: Solar Home Systems on Lease

    The financial obstacle of buying a solar water heating (SWH) system is an issue for almost every company or household. Reliance Home Comfort (RHC), based in Toronto, offers a special renting system for water heaters to overcome this issue. The Canadian supplier for water heaters responded last year...
  • Cape Town: Draft of Solar Water Heating Bye-law

    Currently, solar water heating systems have hardly penetrated in Cape Town, South Africa. Only 2 % of city’s 906,000 households use solar energy. The planned bye-law should boost the market to 76,000 newly installed system in the next two years, but has been delayed due to continuous legal...

  • Fair Season in China: Three Major Trends

    Different vacuum tube technologies in comparison: The full-glass vacuum tube can easily be recognised by the extended and closed top.
    Photo: Sven Tetzlaff


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