• Tokyo: Green Power Certification System Pushes Solar Thermal

    Japanese apartment house with flat plate collectors in the balcony: Is this the solar thermal future of Tokyo? In the next two years the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office (TMG) wants to implement 40,000 solar thermal and photovoltaic plants. Photo: Chiryu Heater

  • “China is a Very Good Market for Flat Plate Collectors” spoke with Jiao Qingtai, vice president of the Chinese collector manufacturer Sunrain Solar Energy Co., at the Intersolar in Munich at the end of May about the advantages and disadvantages of vacuum tube versus flat plate collectors. Photo: Bärbel Epp...

  • Austria: Solar District Heating on the Rise in Graz

    On the 15th of May, the city of Graz saw the inauguration of another large-scale solar thermal installation (from left): Dr. Wolfgang Messner (Graz AG), Andrea Pavlovec-Meixner and Sonja Grabner (municipal councillors), Christian Holter (S.O.L.I.D) and Wolfgang Malik (Graz AG...

  • Embedded thumbnail for Christine Lins, EREC, at ESTEC 2009

    Christine Lins, EREC, at ESTEC 2009

    This is an interview made during the ESTEC conference in Munich, Germany with Christin Lins, EREC (European Renewable Energy Council) Secretary General. Lins speaks about the RES 2020 Directive.

  • Embedded thumbnail for Werner Weiss at ESTEC 2009

    Werner Weiss at ESTEC 2009

    This is an interview made during ESTEC 2009 in Munich, Germany, with Werner Weiss, Director of AEE Intec. Weiss explains the potential of solar thermal energy.

  • Austria: The 2008 Roadmap to Solar Thermal Success

    A good example for solar heating: a semidetached house with a collector area of 92 m2. According to the roadmap of the Austrian Institute for Renewable Technologies, AEE Intec, it is very important to support solar combi systems which supply domestic hot water and space heating....

  • Karnataka State Aims for 100,000 Solar Roofs by 2013

    The Karnataka State Energy Department plans to set up at least 100,000 solar thermal roofs over the next five years, in order to become the number one in India in terms of renewable energy usage.
    Photo: Wikipedia

  • Embedded thumbnail for Wim van Helden at ESTEC 2009

    Wim van Helden at ESTEC 2009

    This is a interview with Wim van Helden, a research consultant at Renewable Heat. Wim is the operating agent of IEA Task 42 and speaks about the latest developments of compact heat storage technologies.


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