Viessmann: Own Production Facility for Vacuum Tubes in China

Viessmann will expand its own production plant for vacuum tubes near Beijing, China. The German manufacturer for heating systems had bought into an already existing German-Chinese joint venture in autumn of 2007. The German company Eurocol GmbH held 51% on the manufacturer Eurocon. Its holder, Helmut Zangl, sold his shares to Viessmann. “We produced approximately 10,000 m2 of collector surface per year and had to decide to either invest strongly or to sell our shares.“ Zangl decided on selling, under the assurance to still be able to supply his customers, like the German system supplier SG Siegersolar, out of the Eurocon facility, independently from Viessmann.

The heating giant produces its metal absorber plates there by using laser welders. These plates are then surrounded by glass pipes and shipped to the Viessmann solar plant in Faulquemont, France, at which the company produces manifolds for them. Final assembly is made at the Alsatian plant, too. The manufacturer for heating systems wants to multiply its production quantity in China. “We want to switch from our current supplier Kingspan Thermomax to our own tubes within all our markets“, Viessmann's sales manager for solar systems, Carsten Kuhlmann, explains. The presently extraordinary market growth in Germany, however, will challenge a quick implementation of that strategy. Sales figures have between doubled and tripled in the summer months, compared to the previous year. They drove all manufacturers of collectors into delivery difficulties.

Viessmann offers its own vacuum tubes under the known product brand Vitosol. The product range from heat pipe to direct flow tubes will remain unchanged.

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