‘Use the Sun First’ Help Change the Way we Think about Energy


Solarthermalworld.org is supporting the grassroots campaign ‘Use the Sun First’

Check the Facebook page for more details.

Use the Sun First is an online grassroots campaign to put solar energy at the top of the agenda and change the way we think about energy. The campaign wants to inspire people from around the globe to make a universal statement in support of the sun’s natural resources. Whatever the country, whatever the situation, putting renewables before fossil fuels will help to solve the world’s climate crisis and begin to rescue the environment.

To support the Use the Sun First campaign, upload a photo of yourself on the Facebook page with this simple message in hand, and join a global network of like-minded individuals. Use the Sun First banners are available for download here. Alternatively, let the world know how you have “used the sun first” by posting your story on the Facebook page’s wall to be seen by all. Whether through heating your water with the sun’s energy, installing panels on your roof, or cooking your meals with a solar cooker, we want to know how you are turning away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energies.

Statements and stories from people like you are an essential means to make policy makers listen to the common cry for a better tomorrow. Use this platform to foster political and social change, and bring about a fundamental shift in the way we think about energy.

Looking forward to seeing photos with the message ‘Use the Sun First’

The Solarthermalworld.org editorial team


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