Turkey: Ezinc Celebrates a Total of 3,000,000 m2 of Produced Collector Area

 jubilee collector of Ezinc” Jubilee collector on display in the headquarters building: This collector panel completed in December 2009 the total of 3,000,000 m2 of produced collector area Turkish manufacturer Ezinc Metal San. has produced since it started production in 1983. Photo: Ezinc

Together with all of its employees, Ezinc celebrated the production of the company's jubilee collector in its factory unit on the 17th of December. It informed the public about this event in a press release sent out on the 25th of January. The company started producing solar thermal components in 1983. In 2007, Ezinc increased its production capacity by purchasing an automated ultrasonic manufacturing line for full-plate absorbers.

Ezinc is the largest collector manufacturer in Turkey and ranks at fifth place globally, according to a market survey carried out by the German agency solrico in September/October 2009. The following chart shows the 20 largest flat plate collector manufacturers worldwide with their produced collector area in 2008. Ezinc announced a produced collector area of 315,000 m2 for that year.

 ranking of flat plate collector manufacturer 2008” Germany dominates the 2008 ranking of the largest flat plate collector manufacturers around the world.  Solarcap's figure is the result of aggregating the production of its three subsidiaries Heliodyne, Emmvee and Arcon. Source: solrico/S&WE

More information:

The results of the international market study about the solar thermal industry can be downloaded on: http://www.solrico.com/en/solar-market-research/world-map-2008.html


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