Record Breaking: 1 Million Square Metres in Less than One Year

jubilee collector in gold The golden jubilee collector - showcased by company founder Robert Kanduth (left) and the governor of the Austrian province Carinthia, Gerhard Dörfler, and additionally held by two Greenonetec hostesses. Photo: Greenonetec

It is a true record. For the first time in history, a manufacturer of flat plate collectors succeeded in producing 1,000,000 m2 in less than a year: Greenonetec in Austria. There are several competitors in China which produce vacuum tube collectors with an area of more than 1 million a year – for example Sunrain Solar Water Heater Manufacture or Himin Solar Company – but when it comes to flat plate collectors Greenonetec is by far the biggest producer in the world. Number 2 and 3 in the international ranking of the biggest manufacturers of flat plate collectors – the German heating giants BBT Thermotechnik and Viessmann Werke - will achieve  “only” around 500,000 m2 this year, according to the new market study of the Suisse Bank Sarasin.

This solemn occasion prompted Greenonetec to invite guests from politics, business and the media to an exclusive event, including a gala dinner, at the 28th of November. After the opening show, the production of the millionth square metre of collector area was broadcasted live on stage. The jubilee collector left the assembly line covered in gold.

Greenonetec factory in St. Veit Biggest flat plate collector factory in the world: More than 4.5 million m2 collector area left the plant in St. Veit in Carinthia, Austria, in the last 17 years. The new logistic centre is located in the front. Photo: Greenonetec

Greenonetec wants to grow further. “The long-term expansion of the production plant in St. Veit gears towards a capacity of 3 million m2 annually,” announced company founder Robert Kanduth. The first step has already been done. The company opened a new logistics centre with high-bay storage in July this year. Approx. 150,000 m2 of collectors may be stacked right up to the ceiling of the 16 m-high warehouse. The building cost was € 7.2 million. Thanks to this new warehouse the company is able to deliver at any time and can operate with its permanent staff all year round, without having to bring in temporary workers, explains Kanduth.

Next year Greenonetec wants to invest another € 8.5 million. Among others, the production area in the range of semi-finished copper goods will be expanded by 3,000 m2. And the capacity of the robot-assisted assembly line for FK8000 standard collectors should triple. Apparently, Greenonetec stays unchallengable.

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