Neuma Solar: 30 % More Absorber Surface within a Collector

Neuma solar collector Super solid: The Austrian manufacturer Neuma Solar presented the new collector Goliath Deluxe which can stand heavy snow loads.
Photo: Neuma Solar

The Austrian company Neuma Solar has developed a new kind of absorber system. The fins look like an accordion within the collector, named Goliath Deluxe.
They have been lifted at their ultrasonic weld, up in direction of the glass pane. Now, 30 % more absorber surface can fit into one single collector. “By pursuing such a development, we reacted to the trend of heating support and followed two other intentions with its design ― securing the collector against snow loads and avoiding high stagnation temperatures,“ managing director Martin Neuwirth explains. For areas that are rich in snow, highly reflective spacers can fill out the V shaped fins. The spacers will reach 3 mm beneath the glass cover. This should prevent thermal bridges during standard usage. If, however, much snow covers the collector, the glass pane will bend and rest on the spacers until pressure will decrease. A customer can also request a variant of Goliath Deluxe with only one spacer in the centre of the collector.

The stagnation temperature of the new collector type will be at an allegedly 175 °C since the sun will not hit the absorber surface vertically at noon. Nevertheless, the collector module is said to absorb a maximum of slanting sunlight during mornings and afternoons. But results from a collector test at an independent research institute, about surplus energy and stagnation temperature, have not been available up to now.

Neuwirth founded the company three years ago. The managing director wants to sell 3,000 m2 this year and including a collector variant with a full plate absorber. The company has currently 10 employees and supplies installers with complete solar thermal systems.

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