Heat Transfer Fluid from Corn

The US-American based renewable system supplier Solar Panels Plus LLC (SPP) has launched an alternative to petroleum-based propylene glycol. The new heat transfer fluid made from corn is completely renewable and biodegradable. “The underlying corn glycol product is made by chemical giant DuPont and we developed our own formula for the production of an efficient heat transfer liquid”, says SPP COO John Williams. “Compared to traditional propylene glycol, the new product provides more efficient heat transfer due to various factors including its lower surface tension.” The distributor recommends a maximum operating temperature of 300 ° Fahrenheit (149 °Celsius). “Above 390° Fahrenheit its antifreeze capability begins to deteriorate”, says Williams. The SPP corn glycol has been available since September 2008 in 5-gallon containers, 55-gallon drums and 265-gallon totes through the trader network of Solar Panels Plus. Corn glycol makes “green” solar water heating and cooling applications even greener. Further information: www.solarpanelsplus.com.


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