Fixed temperature thermosiphon system from India

thermosiphon system of Akson's Solar Solar water heater from India: The collector manufacturer Akson's Solar Equipments has launched the Akson Maestro system with the hot water tank positioned below the collector. Photo: Akson's Solar

The Indian solar collector manufacturer and system designer Akson's Solar Equipments Pvt. Ltd. has launched the new solar water heating system Akson's Maestro, which incorporates several improvements.

First of all, the hydraulic structure is different to typical thermosiphon systems. In the case of Akson, the cold water pipe enters the collector directly at the bottom, the water gets heated up and is transferred to the tank positioned below the collector. Thus the bottom tank only contains hot water, which is not mixed with cold water. As a result the system output is high, because the performance of the panel rises with the temperature difference between the cold water and the ambient temperature.

The second important feature: There is a thermostat control in the tank which maintains the temperature at 55 °C to minimise the risk of burn injuries and of scaling formation. The temperature in the tank is measured and a valve is closed once the tank is filled with hot water at 55 °C. In case there is not enough sunshine, there is an electric element which keeps the hot water in the tank at 55 °C. Akson's Maestro also comes in a hybrid design that works as a usual thermosiphon system during low sunshine monsoon periods and then as fixed temperature system for the rest of the year.

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This text was written by Jaideep Malaviya, an Indian journalist and solar thermal expert.


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