Canada: Matrix Energy Wins Patent Infringement Lawsuit vs Conserval Engineering

 MatrixAir system At the end of October, Canadian air collector manufacturer Matrix Energy Inc won its patent infringement case against Conserval Engineering, Canada, a case that lasted for several years. According to a press release by Matrix Energy from the beginning of November, the Federal Court of Canada concluded that the defendant, “…did not infringe Conserval Engineering’s Canadian Patent No 1,326,619 … by making, designing and selling its own MatrixAir system”.
Photo: Matrix Energy Inc

Judge Justice Scott found no infringement by Matrix Energy and ruled that the infringement action is dismissed with costs against the plaintiff.  In the same vein, Scott ruled that the trade mark infringement and passing off actions brought forward by Conserval are also both dismissed with costs against the plaintiff.

In October 2007, Conserval Engineering brought a patent infringement lawsuit against Matrix Energy.  “Since that time, Matrix Energy has vehemently defended its right to offer an alternative, transpired solar air heating product on the market,” the company states in its press release. “It is unfortunate that Conserval Engineering chose litigation rather than working together to foster the growth of this technology in this nascent industry for the benefit of all stakeholders. The decision of the Federal Court of Canada renews our motivation to continue to develop and market solar air heating systems that reduce conventional energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions in the commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural sectors around the world.”

Matrix Energy Inc, which was founded in 1985, has been offering several façade- and roof-mounted solar air heating systems under the MatrixAir brand name. Conserval Engineering is an engineering company, which invented and commercialised solar air heating technology under the Solarwall brand. For the past 30 years, Conserval has been providing renewable energy solutions in over 30 countries.

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This text was written by Stephanie Banse, a German journalist specialised in solar thermal technology. (


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