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In 2012, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources along with the National Energy Research Center in Jordan approved a solar bylaw which entered into force in April 2013 (see the attached document). According to Article 10 of Law No. 73, solar water heaters are a mandatory requirement for every new multi-family building with more than 150 m² of living space, for every new office building exceeding 100 m² of floor space, as well as each new public building with more than 250 m². The bylaw encourages spreading the national awareness in the field of conservation of energy and improvement of its efficiency and helps establishing a database related to conservation of energy and improvement of its efficiency. There are, however, no additional regulations regarding quality standards or system sizes.




The Bylaw Nr (73) on Regulating Procedures and Means of Conserving Energy and Improving its Efficiency


Conserving energy and improving efficiency of its use

Date when law

September 2012

Date when law
came into effect  

April 2013

Target group  

  • New public buildings exceeding 250 m² living space
  • News apartment buildings exceeding 150 m² living space
  • New offices exceeding 100 m²


No work permit shall be granted before submitting  a proof of the installation of a solar water heater in any of the three new-built housing types mentioned above

The use of flat plate collectors is recommended instead of vacuum tube collectors

No other specific technical requirements and rules for sizing the solar water heating systems



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this tabloid  

January 2015


Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources, Jordan

Further information in the attached Bylaw document (Article 10)


Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources
P.O.Box 140027 - Amman 11814
Phone +962 6 5863326, +962 6 5803060
Fax. +962 6 5865714


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