Power Purchase Agreements

  • Financing Your Solar Thermal System (2010)

    This fact sheet comes from SunWater Solar, a solar thermal installation and service company based in California. The fact sheet focuses on financing options, rebates and incentives that encourage solar thermal water heating adoption, including the...

  • The History of Solarize (2012)

    This presentation was created by Resource Consultants for Solar Oregon. It provides information on the Solarize program, which is a community group purchasing for solar thermal systems.


    In the Solarize program, a...

  • Solar Thermal PPA’s and the Need for Monitoring (2011)

    This presentation was created by Thomas Dinkel, CEO of SunReports, Inc. It explains how some issues associated with power purchase agreements and solar thermal hot water heating.

    Power purchase agreements are third party ownership contracts where there are pre-determined cost for each...


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