cold climates

  • CSU: Intro to Domestic Hot Water Systems Fact Sheet (2012)

    This fact sheet was created and published by Colorado State University. It provides information on how solar thermal water heating systems for domestic use operate and what the benefits of these systems are.

    Colorado is in a prime location for solar...

  • Solar Heating with Seasonal Storage Canadian Activities (2011)

    This report was created by the Canadian energy research institute CanMET Energy. It is a case study of the Drake Landing Solar Community, and the solar thermal seasonal heat storage system that was tested there.

    The major objective of this project...

  • Heating your Home with Solar Air (2009)

    This bulletin was written by Brian Specht of the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA). It provides information on solar thermal air heating for residential buildings.

    Residential solar thermal air heating works by placing collectors on the...

  • Low-Cost Residential Solar Thermal Systems (2007)

    This paper comes from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). It reports on new technology being used in solar thermal systems, and the materials and designs that make this solar thermal technology possible and feasible for consumer deployment.

  • I Want My Own Solar System! (2009)

    This brochure comes from the Minnesota Office of Energy Security. It provides information for households and consumers on the benefits and basic of solar thermal heating for the home.

    While people may not assume that solar thermal is a viable energy...


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