26.3 MWth Supply Heat for 1,350 customers in Dronninglund, Denmark

The output of the 26.3 MWth collector field and the 61,700 m³ seasonal pit heat storage in the Danish town of Dronninglund is said to meet half of the annual heat demand of the plant’s 1,350 customers. The system was inaugurated in May 2014. According to the local district heating supplier Dronninglund Fjernvarme, the total investment costs for the plant amounted to Danish Krone (DKK) 106 million (EUR 14.6 million), of which EUR 6.1 million were invested in the solar installation. The larger part was spent on the district heating pipes, the backup heating system and its building as well as land purchase and consulting. The plant was subsidised by the Danish Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program, EUDP, which supported the project with DKK 21 million (EUR 2.953 Mio). The payback period is said to be 25 years.
Photo: Dronninglund Fjernvarme

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Name of project / installation site

Dronninglund, town in Northern Denmark near Aalborg



Start of operation

February 26, 2014


Solar district heating

Gross collector field size

26 MWth / 37,573 m2

Storage size

61,700 m3

Predicted specific solar yield per year

17.5 GWh/a, hence 467 kWh /m2/a

Predicted solar share

50 % of the heating demand of 1,350 households


Dronninglund Fjernvarme, Denmark

Planning / construction of collector field

Arcon Solar, Denmark

Collector manufacturer

Arcon Solar, Denmark


Dronninglund Fjernvarme

Johan Frey



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