Romania: Rebate Programme postponed

Hope dies last – since there was still some left on the 15th of January that the comprehensive rebate programme for renewable energies in Romania could commence. The sector was waiting for the publication of the list of installers approved by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (Ministerul Mediului si Dezvoltarii Durabile). But on this very day, Nicolae Nemirschi, the environment minister within the new government, announced that his ministry was not able to issue a validated list of installers because the 2009 budget had not been approved yet.

Overall Cap for Tax Reductions in Italy

Dark clouds are beginning to appear over the prospects of the solar thermal market in Italy. On the 29th November 2008, the Italian government published a temporary law for modifying the 55% tax reduction that has driven the solar thermal market in recent years. The temporary law has to be approved by the Italian parliament within 60 days, otherwise it expires.

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