China: Linuo Solar runs five Solar Glass Tubing Factories

glass tubing of Linuo Solar” The Chinese Linuo Solar Energy Group is the biggest solar tubing glass manufacturer worldwide – and is still growing at a fast rate: The group raised their production output by 70 % in 2008, produced 220,000 tons of borosilicate glass nationwide and sold the largest portion of it to the solar thermal industry. Photo: Linuo Solar

5 Star Standard: Western Australia Adds the “Plus”

The Government of Western Australia aims to increase the efficiency of water heating systems in new residential buildings.  The 5 Star Plus energy and water efficiency requirements stipulate that new home builders install either an energy efficient gas water heater, a solar water heater or a heat pump (see table below). “We give homeowners the choice”, says Angela Heymans from the state’s Department of Commerce. All three types of hot water heating systems are approved as being highly efficient by the Sustainable Energy Development Office in Western Australia.

Australia: AUD 500 for a Solar Water Heater in Queensland

 Stephen Robertson” “It's never been more affordable for Queenslanders to switch to solar and save with the Queensland Solar Hot Water Program," Stephen Robertson, the Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy, said. Photo: Government of Queensland

queensland_solar hot water program .pdf 2.9 Mb [183 download(s)]

Washed Glass: 24-hour Just-in-Time Supply

Petraglas in Austria” Greenonetec in Austria is the first collector factory in Europe that has its own glass supplier next door. Petraglas set up a production unit just across the road. This is a model already standard in China, where the material suppliers are situated in the same industrial area as the collector manufacturers. Photo: Greenonetec

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