Sweden: Increased Subsidy Budget

 Solar_roof_Onsolar” Solar roof in the Swedish city of Onsala: The increased subsidies in Sweden focus on larger collector fields – like the 220 m2 plant from 2005.
Photo: Jan-Olof Dalenbäck

Solar Obligation for Public Buildings in Namibia (2007)

Namibia has successfully implemented a directive in 2007 which requires SWH on all new public buildings, on existing public buildings without water heaters and existing public buildings with electric geysers. Namibia could reduce its peak electricity demand by almost 20 MW thanks to this directive. Find more details about the solar obligation in the following table.


Chiryu Heater: 46 Years of Collector Manufacturing in Japan

 Chiryu_Heater_Yasuo_Okamoto” Second oldest collector manufacturer worldwide: the Japanese company Chiryu Heater which is run by Yasuo Okamoto. He told solarthermalworld.org the history of the company that his father Ei-ichi Okamoto founded in 1944.
Photo: Bärbel Epp

Difficult Task: Implementing Solar Building Codes in Italy

solarordinances.eu” Orientation in the solar obligation jungle in Italy: The website of the EU-Project ProSTO gives advice and support to municipalities in Italy and other European countries to successfully implement solar building codes.

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