Rising demand for solar thermal in Uzbekistan

Techno Future, which is part of the Uzbekistan-based Artel Group, has been satisfied with sales in its first year after starting production in 2017. Bahodir Karimov, Deputy Managing Director of Techno Future, said that the company had manufactured 10,000 collectors, sold under the Royal brand, in 2018.

C&I solar heat gains popularity in Mexico

The Mexican solar thermal market continued to grow slightly in 2018. The newly installed collector area was up by 4 %, although some government programmes were stopped or changed because of last year’s presidential elections. Flat plate, vacuum tube and unglazed collectors each took a third of the market, as they had in prior years. In 2017, renewable energy industry association FAMERAC began including the sales figures reported by Inventive Power, the country’s only parabolic trough collector manufacturer so far, in its market statistics. 

Solar steam ice cream and milk powder

India’s first-ever commercial concentrating solar thermal plant, which consists of parabolic trough collectors made by German supplier Protarget, has been running successfully at a dairy owned by Hatsun Agro Products. As a result, Hatsun has inked a new agreement with the CST supplier to put up solar steam systems at other production sites in India. The initial plant was built by Protarget in partnership with Indian-based project developer Luit Renewable.

In Russia, world’s largest DH sector needs upgrading

The solar district heating market is still in its infancy in Russia. Despite huge potential, few SDH pilot plants run in the exact same country that is home to the world’s largest district heating sector. Only a handful of systems had been put up so far - six with a total of 1,000 m², in the Krasnodar region bodering the Black Sea, experts working at Kazan State Energy University have said. Furthermore, the photo shows a 4,400 m² solar field commissioned in 2013 in Narimanov in southern Russia, near the Caspian Sea.

New Brazilian government has no appetite for solar

Brazil has just been through a tough election process: The new government is quickly shifting focus, abandoning nearly 16 years of social policy in favour of economic development. Now, the main objective is to improve the economy, which has been in crisis mode since 2014. As a consequence, environmental concerns are being given low priority for the time being, and Brazil’s national solar thermal association, ABRASOL, is saying that it expects another decline in the market for 2018.

Mexican quality standard published but not yet in force

The implementation of Mexico’s new NOM-027-ENER/SCFI-2018 standard on solar water heaters has been postponed. Following its publication in the Official Journal of the Federation on 28 August 2018, it was expected to take effect 120 days later. Last December, however, the government announced it would extend the deadline, pushing the date back to 1 December 2019.

Concentrating solar heat may be vital to Lebanese energy policy

Concentrating solar heat could be a pillar of national energy strategies, particularly in countries such as Lebanon, which is blessed with generous amounts of direct solar radiation. The country, situated on the Arabian Peninsula, has made CSH an eligible technology in its National Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Action (NEEREA).
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Sunpad – cost-effective integrated storage collector

On 12 March, at the ISH 2019 in Frankfurt, Austrian-based Greenonetec unveiled a new integrated 150-litre storage collector system, for which it had come up with an inventive name: Sunpad. CEO Robert Kanduth (left) and Sales and Marketing Manager Patrick Vallant termed the system “the world’s most revolutionary solar water heater, inspired by the sun-loving gecko.”
Photo: Bärbel Epp

“The workshop was extremely helpful”

In early January, the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) hosted a meeting between industry associations and renewable heating experts in Brussels. The objective of this half-day workshop, co-organised by Solar Heat Europe (SHE) and the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA), was to bridge the knowledge gap between technology suppliers and users. “We have been satisfied with this first meeting.

“We reliably deliver solar heat at a much lower cost than diesel”

UAE-based Ocean Rubber Factory has been satisfied with its new 240 m² solar process heat system made by Swiss supplier TVP Solar. Mounted on the company’s factory roof in the northern emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, the installation not only produces heat at 180 °C, but it does so at a significantly lower cost than the diesel boilers operating at the same site.

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