Which are the major solar thermal markets worldwide?

By far the largest solar thermal market in the world according to newly installed solar thermal capacity per year is China. In 2008, around 21 GWth (30 million m2) were sold in China, which was around 80 % of the world global solar thermal market.

In Europe, Germany – the second biggest market in the world – is dominating. With its newly installed capacity of 1.13 GWth (1,615,000 m2) in 2009, the country reached a market share of 38 % within Europe.

Position three is held by Turkey, a dynamic solar thermal market which is estimated at 785 MWth ( 1,120,000 m2).

Besides these front-runners, India, Brazil, Israel, Austria, Greece, USA, Japan, France, Italy, Spain and Australia are countries which reached a market volume of greater than 70 MWth (100,000 m2) in 2007.

Further information:

Solarenergie 2007, Study by the Swiss bank Sarasin, November 2008 (Only available in German)

Solar thermal Markets in Europe. Trends and Market Statistics 2009, Study by European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF), June 2009 (see the following link)



The solar industry studies by the Swiss bank Sarasin are an excellent read. And the older versions (2008 and before) are available from their website - the latest version can be ordered.

ENGLISH publications: http://www.sarasin.ch/internet/iech/en/index_iech/sustainability_iech/su...
GERMAN publications: http://www.sarasin.ch/internet/iech/index_iech/sustainability_iech/susta...

Sorry to mention this, but their disclaimer says: This document must not be distributed to any person directly or indirectly in the US or to US persons or Canada or Japan.

Uwe Trenkner, trenkner consulting

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