Slovenia: Renewable District Heating Scheme 2017 - 2020

The Ministry of Infrastructure launched a grant scheme for renewable sources in district heating in June 2017. You can apply for a subsidy of up to 35 % of the investment costs if you are a large company, 45 % if you are medium size and 55 % if you fall into the category of small and micro. CHP projects will receive an additional 10 %.
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Country / region


Name of programme

Public tender for co-financing district heating using renewable energy sources for the period 2017 to 2020

Type of incentive

Investment subsidy

Eligible technologies

Biomass boiler,  solar thermal plants up to 1 MW and combined heat and power plants (CHP) connected to district heating (new or retrofit) as well as the extension of district heating pipeline systems. Micro plants up to 1 MW and non-micro plants up to 10 MW are eligible.

Applicable sectors

Private companies and public authorities


  • Large companies: subsidy of 35 % of investment costs
  • Medium size companies: subsidy of 45% of investment costs (up to 250 employees and up to EUR 50 million annual turnover)
  • Small and micro companies: subsidy of 55% of investment costs (Micro stands for up to 10 employees and less than EUR 2 million turnover, Small should have less than 50 employees and less than EUR 10 million)
  • CHP projects receive a subsidy for additional 10% of the investment costs

Maximum grant for solar

Solar collector fields are funded with 350 EUR/m2 for flat plates and 500 EUR/m2 for vacuum tube collectors up to a size of 10 MWth

Requirements for system

The technical requirements for the district heating network and the financial assessment for economic calculations are determined in Annex 2 of the tender documents for download on www. (see link below)

Requirements for installation

Installation company needs to have qualified personal, without requiring a certain certificate (page 7 in the tender document)

Finance provider

Ministry of Infrastructure

Total funds

EUR 8 million

Funding source

State budget

Effective date

30 June 2017

Expiration date

Last date for submitting an offer: 7 June 2018 or until the money is spent


Last review of this tabloid

September 2017


Ministry of Infrastructure
Langusova 4
1535 Ljubljana
Mr Uroš Habjan
Phone 00386 01 478 80 00


Effective Date: 
June 30, 2017

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