Slovakian incentive programme Green Homes

Since December 2015 Slovaks can obtain incentives for the installation of renewable energies systems including solar thermal energy from the EU funded programme Green Homes operated by the state Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA) and implemented in various allocation rounds. Only Solar Keymark certified solar collectors are eligible and installers have to be registered at SIEA.

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Country / Region


Name of programme

Green Homes

Type of incentive

Investment subsidy

Eligible technologies

Solar water heaters, photovoltaics, heat pumps, small wind mills

Applicable sector

Private households as well as associations of apartment owners


500 EUR/kW solar thermal capacity for detached houses

350 EUR/kW for apartment buildings with an installed capacity up to 20 kW

450 EUR/kW for apartment buildings with an installed capacity of more than 20 kW

The power of a particular collector in Watt is taken from the Solar Keymark certificate at a difference of 30 Kelvin between the mean collector temperature and the ambient temperature.

Maximum incentive

Maximal EUR 1,750 for single-family houses

Maximal EUR 9,000 for apartment buildings 

Requirements for system

Eligible collectors according to technology list provided by SIEA:

Requirements for installation

Installers have to be registered by SIEA:

Finance provider

Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA)

Total funds

EUR 45 million

Funding sources

85% funded by the European Regional Developpment Fund (ERDF)

15% funded by Slovak Republic

Effective date

1 December 2015, implemented in several allocation rounds

Expiration date



Last review of this tabloid

January 2016


Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency
Bajkalská 27
827 99 Bratislava
Phone 00421/2/58248 111
Fax 00421/2/5342 1019


Effective Date: 
December 1, 2015

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