• PVT Optimisation Chart

    IEA SHC: New PVT System Enhancement Research

    After seven years, the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (IEA SHC) is planning to launch another international research cooperation on PVT technology. PVT includes panels which combine photovoltaics and solar thermal into one unit either as glazed or unglazed systems. The first and...
  • Embedded thumbnail for John Hollick, Solar Wall & SAHWIA, at SHC 2013

    John Hollick, Solar Wall & SAHWIA, at SHC 2013

    This is an interview made during the conference SHC in Freiburg, September 2013, with John Hollick. John Hollick is the President and CEO of the Canadian company Solar Wall and Chairman of SAHWIA (Solar Air Heating World Industry Association).


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