Workshop Energy Supply for intensified processes, Gleisdorf

Start Date: 
25 June 2014
End Date: 
25 June 2014

In the past years research in intensifying industrial processes has increased tremendously, mainly in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, but as well in other sectors, such as biofuel generation. Various studies have demonstrated (the potential for) new process system designs achieving higher process efficiencies. These new process technologies will often require different energy supply compared to the conventional technologies in use. So far, the effect of new process technologies on the requirements to energy supply in industry has not yet been evaluated. To identify such trends, the EFCE Working Party on PI and the IEA Task 49/IV will organise a common workshop of PI experts to exchange views on the effect of intensifed processes on industrial energy supply. The workshop will be organised in the framework of next year’s “Gleisdorf Solar”, an international conference on solar thermal energy hosted by AEE INTEC.


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