Webinar: Potential of Solar Thermal in Europe-Recordings and Slides

Start Date: 
1 October 2009
End Date: 
1 October 2009

Speaker : Werner Weiss, AEE INTEC

Moderator: Nigel Cotton, European Copper Institute

Date: 01 October 2009, 15:00 p.m.  Brussels Time

Duration : 60 min (40 min. presentation, 20 min. questions)


The European Union and its Member States have committed themselves to achieving a 20% share of renewable energies in Europe's final energy consumption by 2020. Since heat accounts for 49% of final energy demand in the EU, targets will not be reached without a significant contribution from the renewable heating sector.


As only three renewable sources (biomass, geothermal and solar) generate heat, it is crucial to clarify how these different sectors can contribute to the renewable energy target. A new Study, authored by Werner Weiss - AEE Intec and Peter Biermayr - Vienna University of Technology,  examines the growth that can come from solar thermal.


Obviously, solar thermal systems will be needed to provide a substantial share of the low temperature heat: deep geothermal sources are limited to a few locations in Europe and shallow geothermal is considered as energy efficiency technology within this study; biomass will be used for transport fuels, electricity generation and medium to high temperature applications as well.


In order to provide the European Union and its Member States with substantiated information on the solar thermal contribution to the 20% renewable energy target and its long-term potential, detailed surveys were conducted using a representative sample of five European countries and the information is being extrapolated to cover the 27 EU countries. The study examined both the technical and economic potential of solar thermal technologies, for different applications, including industrial heat requirements and cooling.


For more information, please visit: www.estif.org

This video needs sound - turn on your speakers. A pdf of the slides can be downloaded, see below.

Potential Solar Thermal_Webinar.pdf 3.5 Mb [585 download(s)]

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