SOLARTR 2016, Istanbul

Start Date: 
6 December 2016
End Date: 
8 December 2016
SOLARTR 2016 will take place in Istanbul from 6 to 8 December 2016. The international conference and exhibition will cover a wide variety of issues in the field of all three solar technologies: PV, solar thermal, and concentrated solar power (CSP). Presentations will be offered related to different applications like large-scale solar systems, solar heat integration in industrial processes, building integrated solar, solar renovation of buildings, Contribution of solar energy to achieve net zero energy buildings. The market development will be analysed and rating and certification procedures described. 
Absctacts can be submitted until 29 August 2016. 
The international event is hosted by Turkish Solar Energy Society (GUNDER) and its technology platform UFTP (Turkish Photovoltaic Technology Platform) in cooperation with several organizations which have a strong focus on solar heating and cooling and photovoltaic technologies.
You find further information about the event:

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