Solar World Congress (SWC) 2019, Santiago de Chile

Start Date: 
4 November 2019
End Date: 
7 November 2019
The Solar World Congress (SWC) 2019 is scheduled to take place from 4 to 7 November 2019 in Santiago, Chile. Chile has over 1850 MW of PV generation online, 200 MW of CSP in building or advanced planning stage more than 3000 MW to be built in the short term and an official target of at least 70 % electrical energy production from renewables by 2050. Since 2012 the Solar Energy Research Center, SERC Chile, initiative has been started. This links research groups from eight national Universities and international research centers.  SERC Chile is the official counterpart partner for the SWC 2019.  Chile has strong policies in the promotion of renewable energy in both large scale and small scale levels.

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