Solar Cooling Week 2015, Shanghai

Start Date: 
23 March 2015
End Date: 
27 March 2015
On March 23 to 27, 2015 global solar cooling experts will meet in Shanghai for Solar Cooling Week.  The week’s agenda includes presentations of the final results of IEA SHC’s solar cooling project, expert meetings of the two IEA SHC projects on solar cooling and heating, and the Chinese Solar Cooling Conference. 

Solar Cooling Week will promote research and application of different solar cooling technologies (solar thermal and the challenging PV driven systems). The week is divided into two parts: 
  • 23-26 March, Expert meetings for IEA SHC Task 48: Quality Assurance and Support Measures for Solar Cooling Systems and IEA SHC Task 53: New Generation Solar Cooling & Heating Systems. Meetings participants will discuss recent progress in the IEA SHC solar heating and cooling projects.  The meeting is invitation only for international experts and special invited Chinese experts.
  • 27 March, Chinese Solar Cooling Conference (SCC 2015): The objective of SCC 2015 is to situate solar cooling technologies in the context of the environmental pressure created by growing economies that still lack technologies that fit their economic and cultural needs.SCC 2015 invites researchers, engineers, government officers and company delegates from all related fields to present and share the results of their work in these areas, and to discuss future strategies for solar cooling technology. 

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