Renewable Energy Exhibition Morocco 2011, Casablanca

Start Date: 
21 June 2011
End Date: 
23 June 2011

The Renewable Energy Exhibition Morocco 2011 will take place in Casablanca from 21 to 23 June. The trade fair will present the achievements and novelties in the field of solar thermal, PV, biogas/biomass, wood for energy, wind power, hydro (<10 MW), geothermal, and CSP.

Morocco is highly dependent on oil imports. 96% of its energy is imported as fossil energy. The country’s economic growth has lead to an ever-increasing demand for energy. The growth in electricity requirements is estimated to 7% per year until 2017. Thanks to an ambitious programme, the Kingdom of Morocco has set itself three priorities:

  • The development of renewable energies.
  • The securing and protection of water resources.
  • The protection of the environment.

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