IAEE Conference 2014, Rome

Start Date: 
28 October 2014
End Date: 
31 October 2014

As Europe strives to overcome the economic crisis, energy stands out both as a conditioning factor and as an opportunity. The energy situation is evolving in Europe as well as in the rest of the world, where new actors, the emerging economies, are taking the leading role. Political developments in several areas of the globe (North Africa and Middle East, the Caspian region, ASEAN countries) are reshaping the geopolitical situation, generating some worries about the security of supply in the EU countries. The crisis has somewhat released the pressure on energy demand and allowed to reach objectives in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that seemed out of reach, but as the European Energy Roadmap to 2050 makes clear the objectives for 2020 and beyond are likely to require a renewed, powerful effort as soon as the economy is back on the track. The 14th IAEE Conference will try to discuss all the issues related to European policy and its new perspectives in 8 plenary and 40 concurrent sessions that will be organized by the AIEE- Italian Association of Energy Economists and IAEE - The International Association for Energy Economics, in cooperation with the Guido Carli Free International University for Social Studies - LUISS, that will host this conference from 28 to 31 October.


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