Start Date: 
31 October 2014
End Date: 
1 November 2014
EXPOSOLAR 2014 organised for the Costa Rican solar association (acesolar), will be taking place from 31 October 31 to 01 November 2014 in San Jose, Costa Rica and will be the first event of its kind in this region. Its primary objective is to provide a public forum which shall enable the general public to acquire hands-on information as well as to become acquainted with the present technology in terms of the latest products, services, benefits, opportunities and entities in the solar energy sector within both a domestic and international context. More explicitly, it aims at facilitating a dialogue and reflections revolving around the topic “Solar Energy” that should lead the way towards new innovation and development in this field. Moreover, the overall public will have the opportunity to learn more about various current and prospective technologies as well as possibilities to compare them, to broaden its local and international contact base which should fuel new strategic investments and business transactions and firms are able to market their latest products and services within an exclusive setting. Finally, another important aspect of the event is to promote the solar energy sector and consequently, to kick off a fairly less-established but promising approach of diversification with solar in Costa Rica and other Central American countries. 

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