European Solar Days 2013

Start Date: 
1 May 2013
End Date: 
19 May 2013

The next European Solar Days will be celebrated from 1 to 19 May 2013 in several European countries. The campaign raises public awareness and involves several hundred thousand citizens at local level. Pioneer countries such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, as well as others that successfully embraced this initiative like France, Italy and Spain, are only too keen to share their experience and help spread the word. From 1 to 13 May 2012 over 8000 events were organized in 20 countries, attracting over half a million people. These numbers give a clear message: more and more European citizens believe in solar energy as an alternative energy source to be fully deployed, thanks to innovation in technologies, shrewd public policies and financial measures by Governments.  The European Solar Days, which are coordinated by ESTIF in close cooperation with EPIA, are supported by around 25 organisations at a national and European level.


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